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Buying or selling a home can be an emotional and stressful experience. For the seller, it means turning their home into a commodity, which can feel cold and impersonal. Then there’s the anxiety of wondering when and if the property will sell, and at what price.

For the buyer it sometimes means taking a leap of faith that the home is going to meet their needs and, most importantly, live up to their expectation that it’s structurally sound and otherwise in good repair.

If there are just two words that experience has taught us about reducing the stress of property sales, here they are: Pre-sale inspection.

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TPC Pre-Sale Inspection Service For Gold Coast Homes

We’re not just talking about making sure your home looks great. That’s common sense when you put your home on the market—it needs to look well cared for and attractive in order to generate interest.

But going a step further by hiring a reputable company to conduct a full, pre-sale inspection to check for structural problems or termite infestation—problems property owners might not even be aware of—will help lay the groundwork for the quick and smooth sale of your home at a good price.

The advantages of a pre-sale inspection are twofold: (1) If structural damage or pest infestation are found, you can take care of it now instead of waiting for a potential buyer to discover it; and (2) You and can show interest parties up front that the home has already been inspected, which offers buyers reassurance that there won’t be any surprises down the road. It also tells potential buyers that the property has been well maintained and that you’re serious about making a smooth sale, both of which can help attract an offer—or better still, multiple competing offers—quickly.

And while it’s true that the buyer is likely to go ahead with their own building and pest inspection between the time a deal is negotiated and the sale closes, now you’ve turned a potentially stressful step in the process into a mere formality.

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Alternatively, maybe you’ve decided to sell your home at auction rather than go through a traditional property sale that can drag out for months or longer. There are a lot of benefits to this approach, including the possibility of generating excitement among multiple bidders and driving the final sale price far higher than your reserve price.

In these scenarios, there might be even more benefit to hiring us to conduct a pre-sale inspection before auction. That’s because property auctions create a unique situation where once the gavel goes down, the deal is done—meaning the winning bidder won’t have the luxury of hiring out for a building inspection after the fact. For some people, the willingness to take that risk makes them feel they’re more likely to get a bargain—but wouldn’t you prefer to give them every possible incentive to pay more?

By providing documentation of a pre-sale inspection at the time of auction, potential buyers can bid early and often with greater confidence—improving your chances of selling the home at a great price. That makes a pre-sale inspection well worth the investment no matter what route you choose to take in selling your property.

Covering all Gold Coast areas, TPC Property Services has been performing building and pest inspections locally for more than 10 years. If you’re considering putting your property on the market, please call us to discuss the benefits of conducting a pre-sale inspection for added peace of mind and to lay the groundwork for a seamless home sale process. We look forward to hearing from you!

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