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Pre-purchase Building Inspections Help To Assess Condition of Properties And The Cost Of Repairs

Pre-sale building inspections allow a buyer to get information about the condition of a property they are considering buying as well as a realistic estimate of any repairs that may be required. Depending on the building, its size, age and type, the condition is judged as per set Queensland standards and allotted a rating. This rating will act to provide the correct information on the overall quality of the inspected property and act as an accurate assessment for its condition.

Building inspections are more than just a report on the structure. The completed report after the inspection has been carried out by our qualified and certified inspectors will give a lot of information that can be of enormous help to a purchaser. While the inspection will thoroughly scrutinise the structure from foundation to roof it will also touch on other aspects.

Mechanical services like air conditioning, plumbing systems and fittings as well as any other systems in place like alarm systems, swimming pool equipment, pumps, gas and data systems, will also be assessed for their condition compared to new installations. A building inspector will also check the property for mould infestation, pests in timber and other parts of the structure. The safety aspect will take into account, places like garage doors, fencing around pools and the property, and fire hazards.

You Will Receive A Thorough Final Report

Home Inspection ReportThe final report will list all the minor and major defects, which allows the buyer to place a more realistic value on the property, and make reasonable estimates for the likely cost of repairs. All windows, doors, walls, ceilings, floors and woodwork will be inspected, as will toilets and bathrooms.

External areas that will be properly assessed are the foundations, the roof, framing and cladding, eaves and gutters. All reports will be based on visual inspections, and here is where the experience of the inspector can make a big difference to the quality of the report produced from their inspection. Good inspectors can also estimate the cost of repairs, which can greatly help a purchaser to estimate the value of a building. It is important to always ensure that the purchase price of the property and the additional likely cost of repairs is never more than the bank value of property in that particular area, as this will then make for a poor investment.

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Why You Need a Professional Property Inspection

A professional property inspection is a necessary expense for home buyers across the country. It allows you, the buyer, an opportunity to take an in-depth look at the physical attributes and value of any given property. Most homes are sold in a condition that is less-than-perfect. We offer a sense of protection for buyers who want to guarantee that they are getting every penny’s worth when they invest in a new home. If you are considering the purchase of a new home in the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas, then you need to consider property inspection as soon as possible. It is the first step in the process and one of the most important.

Many people interested in buying a home don’t really know what to expect when they first contact us. What exactly is a property inspection and what will we inspect? The answer is, “everything”. We begin by inspecting the actual foundation and integrity of the home’s structure. You might be surprised by how many homes are built on faulty foundations that severely decrease the value, and even the safety of living in such a home. Inspection then continues with an examination of doors, windows, and all other entrances into and out of the home. This also brings up a questions of security and insulation.

What Do We Inspect

Our job doesn’t end there because there is still plenty more left on the property that can change the value. The plumbing system must be tested thoroughly. Additional plumbing expenses can make what seems like a great bargain actually a waste of money. From the plumbing, we then continue to examine the electrical components and wiring throughout the home. There are safety regulations and codes updated regularly that all homes must abide by. At this time, we will also review the heating and air conditioning system if there is one.
Finally, we assess the value of the outside property and surrounding turf. All together, this information creates a detailed analysis of the property and its value on the current market.

Our services are ideal for home buyers and people selling their home as well. Having a professional inspect the property before you sell the home gives you an idea of what the price tag should be. It can also bring new problems to light that you may have been unaware existed, such as faulty plumbing or electrical wiring.

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