Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Gold Coast

Pre-purchase Building Inspections Help To Assess the Condition Prior To Purchasing A Home

licensed building inspectorPrior to spending all your hard earned cash, ensure you engage a local Gold Coast Building Inspection company that specialises in conducting Building and Pest inspections on a daily basis, as they are the real experts.

A builder who demonstrates a sound knowledge of Building and Construction processes, whereby theory and practical skills are obtained working on the tools and physically building a home is what classifies a builder as an expert.

TPC have inspectors that complete Building Inspections daily whom have also constructed hundreds of Gold Coast homes, making them experts in the Building Inspection industry.

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You Will Receive A Thorough Inspection Report

Magnifying glass examining a mdel home wand "Home Inspection Report" signThe final report will list all the visual defects found during the inspection, which allows the buyer or the seller to place a more realistic value on the property, and make reasonable estimates for the likely cost of repairs.

All reports will be based on visual inspections, and here is where the experience of the inspector can make a big difference to the quality of the report produced from their inspection. A quality inspection is best carried out by a licensed and experienced building inspector, not just a builder.

All Building and Pest Inspections are carried out using a Moisture Meter and Thermal Camera, Coloured Photos in reports. Covering all Gold Coast areas, same service, Same price.

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Why You Need a Professional Pre-Purchase Building Inspection: Gold Coast

A professional property inspection is a necessary expense for home buyers across the country. It allows you, the buyer, an opportunity to take an in-depth look at the physical attributes and value of any given property. Most homes are sold in a condition that is less-than-perfect. We offer a sense of protection for buyers who want to be sure they are getting every penny’s worth when they invest in a new home. If you are considering the purchase of a new home on the Gold Coast, then you need to consider a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection & Pest Inspection as soon as possible. It is the first step in the process and one of the most important, whether selling or buying book in an inspection today.

Thinking of selling ?

Pre-sale building inspections educate the homeowner on the the condition of their home before they go to market. Many homes go to market and do not sell due to issues with Termites, Termite Damage, Building defects or at worse structural defects that not only costs plenty to fix, they lose a potential buyer as well, costing thousands and thousands. Best not to take the risk and obtain a written report from a professional Building and Pest Inspection company on the Gold Coast like TPC Building and Pest inspections.

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