8 Problems You Hope Your Building And Pest Inspection Doesn’t Find

Upon purchase of a property, the majority of people wish that they could simply pick up their bags and move in. However, there are several procedures that need to be completed before the move can take place with one being a building and pest inspection. Nowadays, the building and pest inspection is a common practice and, unfortunately, it is rare that a property does not present with at least one fault. You may be willing to deal with the smaller issues such as cockroaches because they are easily removed, but there are certain problems that are classed as high risk. This article will provide information on the top eight issues you hope a building and pest inspector will not find.

• Structural Problems

Structural problems are often associated with the movement of the property slabs. This can be considered a serious issue because of the expense involved with restoration or rectification of the structure. The typical causes of structural problems are insufficient drainage, poor property design, faulty construction or ground movement such as an earthquake. If the inspection notes structural problems, it is possible that further investigation into the issue by an engineer will be recommended.

• Drainage Problems And Water Issues

Drainage has always been public enemy number one when it comes to problems with the maintenance of a home. It is common for poor drainage, which is often a case of standing water, to result in fungal decay of the building and water staining. Furthermore, failing to replace any broken roof tiles or keep the timber of the property well coated can result in damage to the property’s outer structure integrity. Excessive moisture in this area can contribute to pest activity in the poorly maintained wood; therefore causing wood rot and pests.

• Roofing Problems

Water damage to the roof and ceilings or sagging roofs is typically the sign of serious money needing to be spent. Of course, the amount to be spent on repairing these problems will depend on the nature and severity of the issue; as well as the materials required to repair or replace the damaged item. Due to the fact that roof replacement is a costly project, it is essential that one hire a building inspector to examine the roof before making any final decisions. Furthermore, consultants from roofing companies should be contacted to provide advice on the best course of action.

• Termite Problems

Even if a termite infestation is not immediately detected, in the majority of properties where there are situations including fungal decay it is common that termites will be present. Unfortunately, the nature of termite behavior means that they will often hide from residents and large amounts of damage can occur before any infestation is noticed. In the most severe cases, a wooden structure may be considered unsound, irreparable and potentially uninhabitable before any action is made to clear the infestation.

• Mould Problems

Along with moisture and a lack of ventilation comes evidence of mold. While green surface mold is common in poorly ventilated bathrooms, the presence of black mold can be found in areas such as basements or attacks. Black mold is a dangerous strain and contributes to health conditions; therefore, it needs to be removed immediately. Furthermore, black mold is always indicative of more serious problems such as cracks in the foundation where water has entered the structure.

• Fungal Decay

When timber has reached a moisture content of at least 15%, it is common for fungal decay to occur. This wood rot is quite costly to repair if the damage is severe and can influence the integrity of timber structures.

• Safety Concerns

While a building and pest inspection is not considered a safety audit, the inspection can point out certain safety issues in the property. A duty of care requires the inspector to report these hazards in the report and removal of these dangers needs to be dealt with by a relevant professional immediately.

• Property Non-compliance

While pest and building inspections are not always certified for compliance, the problems reported are to be investigated by a certified professional.

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