Building Inspection Report

The Building Report

Building ReportThe importance of having a professionally completed building report cannot be stressed highly enough . It can be the difference between making a sound purchase and one that might have been better left alone. Property owners have a general idea of what a building report entails, but nothing more than this. It can be difficult to find a great service when one does not even know what they are searching for. Let’s take a look at what a professionally created building report should be like and what we are willing to offer customers at TPC Building and Pest Inspections.

Damage Assessment

At TPC Property Services, we are constantly looking to ensure clients are receiving a proven report. No one deserves to find a solution that is simply not good enough. One of the factors that has to be looked at with in-depth focus comes in the form of damage assessment. A building that is facing significant damage can often go unnoticed, if a trained eye is not paying attention. This is where our team comes in handy and is able to find any issues that might be there.

Structurally Sound

We are also focused on making sure the structure of the building is fully inspected. The structure can often make or break the value of a property. No one wants to find structural damage that might create a lot of issues down the road.

The building report will not only include the major structural issues that might be there. It also will include all of those minor and/or impending structural damage that might not be found at first glance. This level of thoroughness is what makes the difference in the end. A building’s value can plummet, if those minor issues start to pile up and any prospective owner wants to find out about these before signing off on anything.


PestWe also keep an eye on the pests that might be present inside the building. These pests are often not out in the open and have to be checked where the eye cannot see. They hide well and an expert is able to find all the isues and make sure they are listed within the eventual building report.

Prospective owners do not deserve to be fooled as that can create significant financial loss. Call TPC Building and Pest Inspections for results that could save you thousands of dollars both in the short and long-term.


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Pest Inspection Report By The Experts

RatPest infestation is normal for the Gold Coast. Our generally warm, humid climate is a paradise for all kinds of pest and termites are a constant threat to the structure of your home.

TPC Property Services have been controlling pests locally for more than 10 years. We operate in South East Queensland and our patch includes Northern NSW as well; locations include the following;
Tweed Heads
Banora Point
Byron Bay
Cabarita Beach


Every pest inspection we carry out and every pest control treatment is finalised with a comprehensive written report so that you know what we done, where chemicals have been applied and what types of treatments were used.

A written pest report is valuable for people who are vacating a rental property and need proof that a pest control service has in fact been conducted.

All pre-purchase pest inspections also come with a written report for the purchaser to show to the bank.

We are proud to perform all services to Australian Standards and welcome your call.
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