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If you intend to buy a house anywhere on the Gold Coast, you can trust our building and pest inspection services for a detailed property inspection before you make an offer to the current owner.

The standard procedure goes like this: we send our building inspector and our timber pest inspector, if needed, to assess the property you wish to purchase. They will look for all construction flaws, termite infestations or any other pests and they will make a building inspection report which will include all their findings. If needed, we can document this report with photos, so that you have all information required for making an informed choice regarding the purchasing price of the property. Our expert building inspectors will only make for visual inspections, therefore you don’t have to be afraid that the property is going to suffer changes or damage because of the inspection. They don’t need to dig or use other invasive procedures in order to determine whether there are aspects you should worry about.

Our Gold Coast Services Include The Following:

  • Pre-purchase Building Inspections

    These inspections are done by a licensed builder specialized in pre-purchase inspections and a timber pest inspection and management specialist. They work together as a team for determining the condition of the property

  • Pre-purchase Pest Inspections

    If you don’t need any building inspection, you can choose to have the house checked exclusively for termites, timber decay and borers. Our team of licensed timber pest inspectors will come on site and will provide you a detailed report after the visit.

  • Termite Inspections

    Our inspection service thoroughly examine your home for the presence of termites, timber decay (wood rot) and borers.

  • Building Inspection Report

    After the inspections on your property have concluded we will send you a detailed building inspection report.

Note: Call Us To Book All Your Gold Coast Property Inspections At The Same Time!

All pre-purchase building and pest inspections done on the Gold Coast by our company follow the Australian Standards AS4349.3. This means the reports we are going to issue for you will also be in accordance with the law.

Home Inspection ReportWe are aware of the importance of these building and pest inspections for you, (especially on the Gold Coast) and we would love to have you come and join us at the inspection. This is the perfect time to offer you detailed information on all issues we may find and to make you recommendations for sorting out or managing those issues. We are totally open and transparent, so we are happy when our clients decide to come along with us. However, if that’s not possible, you can still trust us, as we are going to send you a detailed report anyway. After you get the report, if you feel the need to see some aspects with your very eyes, we can schedule another visit.

Even if we are talking about relatively new properties, you should be aware that any property has potential for hazards, regardless of its age. It is true that builders would give you 5 or even 10 years warranty, but that doesn’t mean the property is free of hidden flaws or hazards. Only a building and pest inspection can assess the real potential for troubles, therefore it’s best to have it done, so you can purchase your new home or commercial property with the peace of mind that you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

Pre-Purchase Property Inspections: Checking For Structural Faults and Damage.

Your decision to buy a Gold Coast property could be in the hands of a detailed pre-purchase building inspection & report. Not having one could lead to financial losses. Call us now to book in an inspection: 1300 552 234 and make sure you aren’t buying a dud!

Massive damage can occur to properties within a short time, so what you see today may not be what your property is tomorrow. Structural damage can be hidden quite easily from the untrained eye.

TPC Building and Pest ReportsTPC Property Services is a Gold Coast specialist and we will carry out an extremely thorough building inspection for you and provide a detailed building report to ensure your property is the one you thought it was. Don’t be fooled into thinking that every home, new ones included, are structurally sound. No property is ever perfect as we know, so let us look thoroughly into the property to ensure your buying decision is the right one. A great pre-purchase building inspection is always backed up by a great pre-purchase pest inspection.

Every aspect of your building will be inspected from the sub-floor to the ceiling and everywhere in-between. We’ll identify every imperfection for your in the report that we’ll email you at the conclusion of the inspection. The report will identify;

  • structural faults
  • damp areas
  • leaks
  • gaps
  • potential issues
  • literally anything we think you should know!

What we find is that people who accompany us on the inspection get a real in-depth understanding of their property and the work that needs to be done after purchase. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you can join us for the inspection. We are more than happy to have you there!

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Pest Inspections Are A Must Before You Buy Property

“Termites!” We’re in the business and we still get shocked by the amount of properties on the Gold Coast that have termites. The worst part is seeing the home owner in tears as they try to sell the property when termites have infested the house.

We have a team of Licensed Timber Pest Inspectors here on the Gold Coast.

A Timber Pest Inspection doesn’t just cover termites!

We cover three Timber Pests –

1. Termites

2. Timber Decay (Wood Rot)

3. Borers

Live Termites In Wall

Also in our pest inspection report we comment on moisture, leaks and drainage as high moisture inside the property or against externals walls increase the likelihood of termite ingress. Our recommendations will also note conducive conditions that may attract termites towards the home, resulting in termite attack and infestation.

Over an above our pest inspection and report we can also provide, free of charge, a termite management proposal to protect against termite attack. Let us know if you wish to receive a proposal during your booking or on site at the inspection, we want you to have a termite free home.

Pre Sale Inspection

Building and pest inspections aren’t just for property purchasers. Getting a pre-sale inspection for your Gold Coast home can give you the all-clear to sell your property or indicate some areas you need to attend to to ensure your sales goes through smoothly. Don’t get a pre-sale inspection and the following scenario could happen to you!

A MILLION HOURS ON THE SALE OF ONES PROPERTY – Quick Overview for the seller

1. After days, and weeks and at times months you think about selling and finally !

2. You search hard for the agent to sell the house

3. You select the agent

4. You spend $$ marketing the sale

5. You spend millions of hours cleaning and preparing for open homes – We all love that!

6. You spend time thinking about the sale and getting into your lovely new house

7. You finally get someone interested in your property – “Yippppeeee”

8. You Spend time on the negotiation

9. Finally you get a contract signed off – “WOW Getting close “

10. Someone Mentions a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection – You say “It’ll be right MATE”

11 – BINGO !!! SALES off ” Termites”

12 – Anyone got a Spare $10,000.00 – $50,000.00 to put my house back together

13 – “Call the bank” !!!!

Don’t let this happen to you! Sure you’re just buying your next Gold Coast home. However chances are you will sell it one day and upgrade to a newer, better property (isn’t that the dream?) so get a pest inspection before you buy! You’ll be glad you did!

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builing inspector

We Inspect Everywhere!

Hire The Best Pest Inspectors

The most significant purchase most people make will be a for their own house. As a result, it is very important to do your own due diligence prior to making this important purchase. The last thing that you want to do is buy a house and then find out there is something wrong with it after you have moved in. A significant pest infestation such as having termites in the wood can be a disastrous circumstance if not caught before the property goes to closing. That is why we as pest inspectors can provide you peace of mind prior to your purchase.


Termites, A Key Problem On The Gold Coast

pest inspectorTermites can be a very significant problem in our area. As many as one in three houses can have a termite infestation. With those odds, you cannot afford not to get the peace of mind that comes with a timber pest inspection prior to buying a house. Even if your house has some type of protection, such as a termite barrier, you still will want to get an inspection at least once per year to make sure that the barrier has not failed.

You should know that even the warranties on most barriers require inspections every year; therefore, if you find out about the failure years later and try to make a claim on the warranty and have not complied with the yearly inspection requirement, you will quickly find out that the warranty is as good as useless.

We Provide Full Inspections

pest inspector1In addition to our visible inspection to see if termites are present or if there is existing visible damage from prior infestations, we also address other important issues. For example, as part of our inspection process, we inspect the drainage system around the house. This is because when wood is exposed to water it can cause decay and attract pests. Thus we identify any potential structural problems that might cause boards to be overexposed to wood and suggest ways to correct them.

Finding a good pest inspector is a must to insure the house you buy is not already infested as well as identifying any infestations in their early stages as part of an annual checkup. We have the experience and expertise to make sure that you are not caught by surprises by home wrecking pests.

What If We Find Termites Or Other Pest Infestation

During Your Building and Pest Inspections?

Whether you go on to buy the property or not, you have to live somewhere right!?
You need to consider the future of the property you live in you would be very wise to;
1. Instigate a termite control plan with Gold Coast Termite Protection and
2. Schedule regular pest control treatments to keep those spider, ants and cockies under control

The Pest Company: The Best Pest and Bug Controllers On The Gold Coast!

The most common creepy crawlies in our homes include firstly termites then cockroaches, ants, fleas, rats, mice, spiders, wasps, ticks, geckos etc. The Pest Company is familiar with all the species that are typically found in South East Queensland.

Pests have been roaming the earth for the last 350 million years. There are about 1.5 million different species of pests around the globe. About 41,000 of them are found in Australia alone. The most problematic has been ant control with 75% of customers requesting for this particular service. Termite control is trailing second with a whopping 56%. Cockroaches and bed bug control comes third with 48%. The most troublesome period for pest control is summertime as this is the period where pests can spread like wildfire. This is the time where you should have a The Pest Company come to your aid by eradicating these menaces for good.

Pest infestation is responsible for various health hazards such as diarrhoea, food poisoning and vomiting, to name a few. It can also be a real threat to the physical structure of your house. Termites can infest the wooden elements of a house and feed on them. This can result in decaying the wooden structures of a house, which in turn can cause serious damage to the structure of the house.

Choose The Pest Company When It Comes To Eradicating All Types of Pests

pest control

More than 1000 repeat customers trust us to take care of their properties and terminate pests for good. We are licensed and insured, and our technicians are fully qualified to perform the job of controlling and eradicating those nasty bugs to your total satisfaction.

Our general pest control treatment covers cockroaches, ants, and spiders, both inside and outside the home and warranties are provided.

After the treatment we leave you with a pest notice so that you know exactly where we have applied the treatment in your home.

If you take part in our annual combined pest control and termite inspection package we are able to give you a significant saving of approximately $66 on an average home of 3 to 4 bedrooms.

Just ask and we’ll give you all the details

Call us to handle your pest infestation problems, and you will never regret the decision.

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The Pest Company: Gold Coast Pest Controllers!

The Gold Coast building and pest inspection team


A Building Inspector Can Help To Pinpoint Likely Problems In A Home

Building Inspector

It is almost certain that if you are looking to acquire property, you will like to be sure that the price you are willing to pay for the property gives you the full value for your money. You can ensure this by arranging for an experienced and qualified building inspector to go through the home and make sure that it is in the right condition and also free of problems with pests.

Such pre-purchase inspections by a building inspector make for visual inspections that do not involve any digging, breaking or other invasive procedures. No structure or building is perfect, and there are bound to be certain aspects of the home that can become worrisome at a later time.

We Provide Detailed Building And Pest Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports.

A full report by our building inspection professionals will inform you of any problems with the structure of the building. This sort of information can even be useful in your negotiations for the property. If no structural problems are found, you can be confident to move forward with your purchase.

The main purpose of this exercise must be to see that the ultimate cost of the property after needed repairs, is never greater than the market value of the property. Inspection ReportsMost problems that come up during such building inspections have to deal with maintenance and the fact that it has remained neglected, because the previous owner was contemplating selling the property.

The job of a certified and experienced building inspector is to look at the building right from the foundation to the roof. The size and age of the house is taken into consideration. Older homes will require more detailed inspections of certain items that may have gone though a sufficient part of their expected life span, and may therefore require more attention at a later date. Building inspections provide peace of mind before you sign that contract.

We Have Modern Technology To Assist With Your Inspection

It is not surprising that the building inspectors prefer to use software to help him or her get through the process. These software programs will completely list all details of a home that require to be inspected. In a way it also acts as a guide to the person asking for an inspection to ensure that all points have been attended to. The testing will go from the foundations, through the exterior walls, all parts of the structure and the roof.

A full report will then allow a prospective owner to make an assessment of the repairs if any, and any additional outlay that the property may require after it is acquired. Always better to be safe than sorry.

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